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How to choose your Cup/Size?

How to choose your Cup/Size?

Small: 15cm (W) x 9cm (H) 
Fits cup sizes 32A, 32B, 32C, 34A, 34B, 34C, 36A

Medium: 15cm (W) x 9.5cm(H)
Fits cup sizes 34C, 34D, 36B, 36C

Large: 15cm (W) x 11cm (H)
Fits cup sizes: 36D, 36E, 36F

How to take care of your AIRY bra?

Washing is essential l in order to prolong your Airy Bra's life. 
Wash after each use. Due to long hour stick on our skin, sweat and oil will remains on the adhesive if don't wash bacteria will grow and this is the main cause of SKIN ALLERGY. 


1. What should I use to wash my Airy Bra?
- You can use Lux Soap, Palmolive Soap, Dettol Soap. AVOID using rich moisturising soap as as DOVE. The moistuser from DOVE Soap will make adhesive less sticky.

2. How should I wash?
-Wet bra under running water (avoid using hot water). Rub each side of bra gently with soap, avoid using nails to scratch. Then rinse thoroughly under running water. Press gently to remove remaining water also to make sure no soap residue remains. Hang dry indoor, avoid direct sunlight. DO NOT USE TOWEL, TISSUE to dry. When they are completely dry up, put back the transparent plastic film to protect them against from dust and dirts. Store in a cool dry place.

3. What if I don't wear for long time? Will the adhesive become not sticky. 
-YES! If you don't wear often. Please take out to wash them with water once in a while in order for them to remain sticky. 

4. Can I wear Airy V bra to swimming?
-Yes. But the chlorine/salt in swimming pool/sea will ruin the adhesive gel and shorten its life span. No issue with the silicone bra, as this bra is made for swimming purpose and V bra fabric glue is different from silicone bra.

5. How many times can I wear?
-If taken care properly, it can be repeatedly use up to 100 times. 

Important when wearing your V Bra. Please read! :)

1. Do not apply when body is sweating.
2. Make sure breast area is completely clean, and dry before wearing
3. Do not apple lotion, oil, or powder on upper body before wearing, this is mainly because they will affect the adhesiveness and the result.
4. Do not use rich-moisturising body shampoo, as it will affect the result too.
5. Always wash the bra after each use.
6. Stick back plastic film to protect it from dust after the bra is completely dry.

How to wash the bra?
Answer: Kindly follow the steps below :)

1. Rinse the bra with a running tap water

2. Pour some shower gel on the bra

3. Rub it slowly until a formation of foam. Continue to rub gently

4. Rinse the foam away with running tap water

5. The bra is now clean! :D

 6. Hang it indoor to dry

Revijour Airy Bra

Almost weightless, breathable adhesive bra that gives you full support, besides create the sexy cleavage that you need. Perfect match for body con back bearing low cut dress/top

Colours: Beige, Apricot and Black
Size: S, M, L
Cup: A, B, C, D
Weigh: 50 grams

Price: RM 69.90/ USD$24.90
Product of Japan
Apricot Colour

 Beige Colour
 Black Colour

Checking the buckle

Check adhesiveness of biomedical adhesive.
Our extra-strong biomedical adhesive is gentle for all skin type except for hypo-allergic skin
Please bear in mind that Airy Bra using biomedical adhesive, which is 'not as sticky' as industrial adhesive - show glue, door glue, wood glue, super glue. Customer please do not compare our extra-strong with those in industrial adhesive :)

Bandage adhesive is biomedical adhesive where it is no harmful to human skin

New and improve buckles with stamping plus double stitching (photo on left) to make sure buckles remain intact than X brand - just stamping (photo on right)

Smooth seamless cup and surface to ensure they will not see through under white dress or blouse

Comes in a lovely box and a hard plastic protection cover.

 Nice Packaging! :-)

Sexy Panties 
Price: RM39.90 / USD $13.90

Before and After
Model size is 34C, wearing A cup Airy Bra in Apricot
Even push up padded bra won't give you this kind of result. If wearing push up bra, it will squeeze extra flesh at the under arm. By wearing airy bra, you don't have to worry the embarrassing extra flesh issue ^^
Photo is 100% genuine. No Photoshop!

What buyers said about this BRA?

Compared Revijour Bra with other adhesive Bra
Test the stickiness
Video Youtube video here

Reviews on Airy Bra ( FULL CUP)

Behind the secret!
Perfect for body con dress, back bearing, low cut dress/top. See yourself :)
Sexy back, huh?! Our customized cup is rounder and deeper compared to X brand invisible bra. One cup shape gives you better support and create sexy cleavage.

This is the quality product and you can tell the result.

Before and After
Model size is 34C, wearing A cup Airy Bra in Apricot
Even push up padded bra won't give you this kind of result. If wearing push up bra, it will squeeze extra flesh at the under arm. By wearing airy bra, you don't have to worry the embarrassing extra flesh issue ^^
Photo is 100% genuine. No Photoshop!

Feedback from another local buyer :)
Credited to Revijour Airy Bra

It is me trying on the Airy Bra. I am 34B / 75B - wearing A cup. If you want to have a maximum push up effect, you definitely go for AIRY BRA instead of Airy V Bra.

Finally I know how to wear this bra after  a several attempts. Please bear in mind that, if you keep put on and pull off, this will cause the bra less sticky. Take it to a wash, hang dry indoor, cover it back with transparent plastic.

Reviews on Silicone Gel V Bra (SWIMMING BRA)
 View our video demo here

Using the Silicone Gel V Bra

The partner have tested this Swimming Bra under water for about half an hour. The Bra is still remain intact and hold firmly ♥ This is what do call the quality! 

click to enlarge the photo
I am wearing the Swimming bra too! I am lovin' it! 

Please bear in mind that you gotta "hide/conceal" the bra which I circled with black at the above photo. That's so AWKWARD! :P

 Review on Airy V Bra (HALF CUP)
 Before and After

 Before and After

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Revijour Airy V Bra

New Revijour Airy V Bra finally arrived! Ultra-thin and light Bra with only 20 grams. Come and experience the sexy backless with amazing push up effect with Revijour! 

Available in TWO colours: Beige and Black
Here are the sizes that available:
S (A/B Cup)
M ( B/C Cup)
L (C/D/E Cup)

Perfect for wedding gown, dinner gown, tube dress/top with low cut deep V
Product of Japan

Price: RM 69.90 / USD $ 24.90

Special design and shape to create cleavage and give better support.
Strongly recommend for women who have smaller breasts. This bra is also a perfect choice for those who have excessive "meat" under arm

Available in TWO colours: Beige and Black

Sexy panties to match with.
Price: RM39.90 / USD $13.90

Available in TWO colour:  Beige and Black
Sexy and beautiful with black colour
 Seamless beige/ nude colour perfect under white dress, wedding gown and dinner gown

A little trick to look gorgeous in your party - low cut top and flaunt yourself with a lot of sexiness! V Bra is the secret weapon! Many girls tend to have trouble to find themselves a pair of bra that suits these low cut outfits and moreover the traditional adhesive bra does not work. And you wont be looking sexy by just using only a nipple tape. Well, check it out our V  Bra today! 

 Close Up 
 Outer View

 Before and After

 Before and After

 Directors of the Revijour visited Beaty Fair 

 Easy to wear. Just make sure that your skin is oil-free and sweat-free
Do not put lotion, powder on if you want to wear this bra.

This V bra is also recommended by Kevin, the famous make-up artist from Taiwan TV programme - Queen as known as 女人我最大

Kevin is showing the way to wear this V bra to gives the best cleavage

Ann, Taiwan artist from Queen is trying the V bra.
This is the before and after scenes 

Buy Original! Buy Revijour! ^^