Friday, December 7, 2012

How to take care of your AIRY bra?

Washing is essential l in order to prolong your Airy Bra's life. 
Wash after each use. Due to long hour stick on our skin, sweat and oil will remains on the adhesive if don't wash bacteria will grow and this is the main cause of SKIN ALLERGY. 


1. What should I use to wash my Airy Bra?
- You can use Lux Soap, Palmolive Soap, Dettol Soap. AVOID using rich moisturising soap as as DOVE. The moistuser from DOVE Soap will make adhesive less sticky.

2. How should I wash?
-Wet bra under running water (avoid using hot water). Rub each side of bra gently with soap, avoid using nails to scratch. Then rinse thoroughly under running water. Press gently to remove remaining water also to make sure no soap residue remains. Hang dry indoor, avoid direct sunlight. DO NOT USE TOWEL, TISSUE to dry. When they are completely dry up, put back the transparent plastic film to protect them against from dust and dirts. Store in a cool dry place.

3. What if I don't wear for long time? Will the adhesive become not sticky. 
-YES! If you don't wear often. Please take out to wash them with water once in a while in order for them to remain sticky. 

4. Can I wear Airy V bra to swimming?
-Yes. But the chlorine/salt in swimming pool/sea will ruin the adhesive gel and shorten its life span. No issue with the silicone bra, as this bra is made for swimming purpose and V bra fabric glue is different from silicone bra.

5. How many times can I wear?
-If taken care properly, it can be repeatedly use up to 100 times. 

Important when wearing your V Bra. Please read! :)

1. Do not apply when body is sweating.
2. Make sure breast area is completely clean, and dry before wearing
3. Do not apple lotion, oil, or powder on upper body before wearing, this is mainly because they will affect the adhesiveness and the result.
4. Do not use rich-moisturising body shampoo, as it will affect the result too.
5. Always wash the bra after each use.
6. Stick back plastic film to protect it from dust after the bra is completely dry.

How to wash the bra?
Answer: Kindly follow the steps below :)

1. Rinse the bra with a running tap water

2. Pour some shower gel on the bra

3. Rub it slowly until a formation of foam. Continue to rub gently

4. Rinse the foam away with running tap water

5. The bra is now clean! :D

 6. Hang it indoor to dry


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