Thursday, December 6, 2012

Revijour Airy V Bra

New Revijour Airy V Bra finally arrived! Ultra-thin and light Bra with only 20 grams. Come and experience the sexy backless with amazing push up effect with Revijour! 

Available in TWO colours: Beige and Black
Here are the sizes that available:
S (A/B Cup)
M ( B/C Cup)
L (C/D/E Cup)

Perfect for wedding gown, dinner gown, tube dress/top with low cut deep V
Product of Japan

Price: RM 69.90 / USD $ 24.90

Special design and shape to create cleavage and give better support.
Strongly recommend for women who have smaller breasts. This bra is also a perfect choice for those who have excessive "meat" under arm

Available in TWO colours: Beige and Black

Sexy panties to match with.
Price: RM39.90 / USD $13.90

Available in TWO colour:  Beige and Black
Sexy and beautiful with black colour
 Seamless beige/ nude colour perfect under white dress, wedding gown and dinner gown

A little trick to look gorgeous in your party - low cut top and flaunt yourself with a lot of sexiness! V Bra is the secret weapon! Many girls tend to have trouble to find themselves a pair of bra that suits these low cut outfits and moreover the traditional adhesive bra does not work. And you wont be looking sexy by just using only a nipple tape. Well, check it out our V  Bra today! 

 Close Up 
 Outer View

 Before and After

 Before and After

 Directors of the Revijour visited Beaty Fair 

 Easy to wear. Just make sure that your skin is oil-free and sweat-free
Do not put lotion, powder on if you want to wear this bra.

This V bra is also recommended by Kevin, the famous make-up artist from Taiwan TV programme - Queen as known as 女人我最大

Kevin is showing the way to wear this V bra to gives the best cleavage

Ann, Taiwan artist from Queen is trying the V bra.
This is the before and after scenes 

Buy Original! Buy Revijour! ^^ 


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