Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why Revijour?

Reasons to Use Revijour Bra

Reason 1:  Over pressing by shallow cup and result in bulging out the breast
(View from the top)
Breast bulging out

The Brand X bra not be able to hold breast without protruding upper part

 (View from the side)
That's embarrassing, huh?!

 With Revijour Airy Bra (View from the top)
This product could hold breast firmly without having the breast bulge out.
Your problem now is solved with REVIJOUR AIRY BRA! ^^

Reason 2: Prick Pin Holes
Close Up: Are the Brand X bra breathable? How to breathe and provide air ventilation without holes?
 Revijour comes with hundred of prick pin holes that allow our skin to breath while other brands have no hole. This is the mean cause on why the bra fell off  after a long hours of wearing or especially when ones sweat. No falling off issue with Revijour Airy Bra! :)

Reason 3: Deepness
Revijour Bra:  deepness 3 cm

 Other X Brand bra: deepness only 1 cm

(Left)Revijour   (Right) Brand X
Our special customized cup which is deeper, 3 cm, and rounder for perfect support. Flatter thicker cup actually over pressing ones breasts. It shows extra two breasts, instead of showing cleavage. You can jugde it from the above photos.

Reason 4: Lighter
New and Improved Revijour Airy Bra.
Ultra-light weight with only 34 grams

Other X brand adhesive bra weighs 48 grams

Reason 5: Stickiness

No way to tell :D
View the Youtube demo here

This is the reason why Revijour is more expensive compared to other adhesive bra

Reason 6: Holes are not Cover by Glue
Holes of The Genuine Airy Bra are not cover by glue. Unlike those fake product, holes are filled with glue  (below photo - rightside)

You be the witness

Reason 7: Product of Japan

Buy Original! Buy Revijour :)


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