Thursday, December 6, 2012

Revijour Silione V Bra aka Swimming Bra

New and Revolutionary Airy Silicone Gel V Bra for heavy duty! Swimming, bridal outdoor photo shooting, clubbing and now you don't have to worry about the sweat!

Product of Japan
Colour: Nude
Available Only in M and L
Price: RM 79.90 / USD $27.90

Water Proof! Sweat Proof! 
♥ Best to wear under bikini/swimsuit, bridal gown,sexy party dress 

This silicone bra is not the same as first generation ones. This bra is light, soft, non-toxic, 100% hypo-allergy, scent free, made of medical grade class V non-implantable silicone.

Advantages: Can be worn underwater. Waterproof. Best for small breasts as it can help to create a fuller looking breasts. At the same type it gives sexy cleavage and push up effect.

 Real Photo of the Silicone Bra

This Revijour Silicone V Bra a.k.a Swimming Bra is very sticky.
Ultra sticky adhesive and its strong enough to hold and yet gentle enough for your delicate skin/

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Buy Genuine, Buy Original, Buy Only Revijour! 


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