Thursday, December 6, 2012

Buy Original

 Many companies selling the product from China, but using the name Revijour. There are some few cases in our country. Please be aware! And view the differences.
Our Revijour products are 100% from Japan.

Revijour Beige is pinkish while Brand X is brown yellowish. Revijour has smaller skirting while the latter one has larger skirting.

Do not mistaken with other brand because some of the X brand is using Revijour name.

Quality reassured! =)
A company is using out trademark " Revijour Airy Bra " as their product name. Please be aware and don't get cheated by this irresponsible person. Our product is registered under the name of Glowbesr Enterprise by Intellect Worldwide under class 25

Please be aware of inferior quality product.

X brand adhesive bra. Glue residue remains on ones breasts and feeling pain when removing the bra. Push up effect is not good and it slip off easily. Revijour is expensive than others because of its quality.

Be Original! Buy Revijour! ^^


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