Friday, December 7, 2012

Revijour Airy Bra

Almost weightless, breathable adhesive bra that gives you full support, besides create the sexy cleavage that you need. Perfect match for body con back bearing low cut dress/top

Colours: Beige, Apricot and Black
Size: S, M, L
Cup: A, B, C, D
Weigh: 50 grams

Price: RM 69.90/ USD$24.90
Product of Japan
Apricot Colour

 Beige Colour
 Black Colour

Checking the buckle

Check adhesiveness of biomedical adhesive.
Our extra-strong biomedical adhesive is gentle for all skin type except for hypo-allergic skin
Please bear in mind that Airy Bra using biomedical adhesive, which is 'not as sticky' as industrial adhesive - show glue, door glue, wood glue, super glue. Customer please do not compare our extra-strong with those in industrial adhesive :)

Bandage adhesive is biomedical adhesive where it is no harmful to human skin

New and improve buckles with stamping plus double stitching (photo on left) to make sure buckles remain intact than X brand - just stamping (photo on right)

Smooth seamless cup and surface to ensure they will not see through under white dress or blouse

Comes in a lovely box and a hard plastic protection cover.

 Nice Packaging! :-)

Sexy Panties 
Price: RM39.90 / USD $13.90

Before and After
Model size is 34C, wearing A cup Airy Bra in Apricot
Even push up padded bra won't give you this kind of result. If wearing push up bra, it will squeeze extra flesh at the under arm. By wearing airy bra, you don't have to worry the embarrassing extra flesh issue ^^
Photo is 100% genuine. No Photoshop!


LEYKIIM said...

Oh wauw, i need this one. I only dont get the sizes of this bra? I have no clue what a 36D is. The lady on the pictures seem to have ' large breasts '

the-serenity22 said...

Yes, the model is wearing only A cup in order to have a maximum push up effect :D

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